Capturing the Wonder of Childhood

Embracing your crazy, beautiful mess

When I first started as a professional photographer, one of my clients was a mom who had four young children, all under the age of 5.  I had texted her about where to meet me for our session. She texted me back to let me know they were on their way and then wrote, "We are a crazy, beautiful mess, FYI."  

As soon as I read it, it struck a chord with me.  I thought, "YES!!!  That is what I want to photograph...the crazy, beautiful mess!"

Because we are all a mess, aren't we? This motherhood business is no joke, and we are all doing the best we can. 

What inspires me is capturing the crazy, beautiful mess that is your family at this moment in time. I'm not interested in copying all the perfectly posed and choreographed setups that you've pinned on Pinterest.  If you are looking for a super-posed studio photographer, then I'm not your gal. 

My goal is to capture joyful, authentic images of your family just being together. I want you to be able to look back at these photos and see just how beautiful your family is and know you created that.  It's hard sometimes, when you're in the trenches, to really SEE the beauty of the moment.  I want to help you see that through photographs. 

I will guide you on what to do to help us create those moments. But it will be less forced posing and more encouraging you to interact as a family.

I prefer children (and parents) to have fun and be carefree at our photoshoots....often thinking of them more like playdates than photo sessions.  I believe that the memory associated with family photos should be a fun one, and not a memory of a stressful experience.  Let's relax & be silly!

To me, creating a pleasant experience is just as important as the final product. 

I do not rush sessions. I want to get to know your family and capture their real personalities.  I do not expect little ones to stand in one place in forced poses and smile at the camera.  Instead, we will run, jump and play and create wonderful memories of this time with your family. 


A little about me

Crystal Freemon Photography

My beautiful mess includes my husband and best friend, Bruce, and our two girls.  Megan is 15 and Kayla is 13.  We've lived in Spring Hill since 2003, which basically makes us natives.  We are Predators fans, even if they aren't winning. We love to travel together. We all love Marvel movies & Harry Potter. 

I was an Engineer in my past life and bring some of that analytical thinking to my business.  I love efficiency and you'll see that through my online scheduling calendar, and my automated emails that help you throughout the process from helping you choose what to wear, to reminding you what to bring to a session. But I'm always a text, message, email, or call away if you need me directly. 

I'm a coffee addict, cheese lover, excessive volunteer-er, and hockey mom. I'm a former PTO president and current Girl Scout leader. I have a standing Wednesday coffee date with my tribe and don't know how I would get through motherhood without them. I'm forever a Finn Fan.  I'm in a book club where we usually read the book, but always bring desserts & drinks. I'm an Enneagram 1, an ENTJ and I find personality tests fascinating. I believe that planning vacations is half the fun. I love the idea of shopping locally but also, Amazon will bring me anything I want, and admittedly, that's sometimes what Kristen told me to buy. I'm obsessed with light and color. I believe that it's so important to live in the moment, though I often have trouble keeping my mind from racing ahead. 


Your family's memories are important to me. 


I would love to book a portrait session with your family.  I believe it is so important to capture these moments together, so please do not wait. I want the process to be as easy for you as possible from start to finish.  I strive to provide a low-stress family portrait experience that feels like a fun outing with the family creating memories.  Book your session now with my easy online scheduling calendar.