Crystal Freemon Photography | NEWBORNS & BABIES

"What a wonderful experience my family and I had while having our newborn and family photo shoot!! Crystal was very laid back and go with the flow but knew exactly what she wanted to shoot and how to get it. It's wonderful to have a photographer who knows what they are doing. She was great about asking if there was anything special I wanted to try and get. I loved her very natural approach to family photos.
We recieved a couple of photos sneak peak in one day then about 10 pics. Preview within 5 day. All photos in a little over a week. Such great experience and quick!!
Our pictures turned out so wonderful! I could not be more happy! I highly recommend!"

- Rachel

"Crystal did a great job with our Newborn pictures! She was so patient with our crazy barking dog and super sweet! We love love love the pictures as did our friends and family."
- Amanda Dunavant
The way these two look at each other with such love is what I aim to capture.I love photographing newborns in the arms of their parents. To me, this evokes more emotion than a posed bean bag shot.Spring Hill Newborn PhotographerIt's important to include baby's nursery as part of her story.Spring Hill Baby PhotographerThat overwhelming awe that new parents feel for their new baby is so important to remember.Nashville Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerBig siblings are my focus when I walk into the home so that he/she feels like the center of attention.This was taken in a clients home on a bed near beautiful window light. No studio needed.She's so obviously already in love with her daddy!Mothers with there newborns is one of the most beautiful things in the entire world.I will also get some shots of baby alone, but we won't stress too much if she doesn't want to sleep.I love including lovies.  My 8 year old still loves her baby blanket & I cherish images of her with it.I prefer babies to be dressed in only a diaper or in a plain white onsie.Oh that sweet yawn!