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What a year this has been! This time last year, I was nervous but excited, having recently turned in my notice to General Motors, and trying to figure out how to start my own photography business. It's been an amazing year and more than I could have dreamed for my first year in business. Here are some things I've learned over the past year:

1. My family, friends and clients are amazing.  

This isn't news, but was more evident this year than ever before.  My husband and children supported my decision to quit my stable corporate job to follow a dream.  They've put up with my crazy schedule - especially through October and November.  My friends (both old friends and new friends) were a major encouragement to me in having the courage to do this and to stick with it.  And I have met some amazing clients this year, which is one of my favorite parts of this job.  Reviews and referrals from loyal clients mean more than you will ever know.  I cannot express in words the gratitude I feel for all of these people.  (If you don't understand this photo, you probably need to read more about my friends.)

My Friends are Awesome

2. That mothers are the hardest humans to photograph, but so worth it.

I started my #thisismotherhood project in April and have been blown away by the responses to it and the number of amazing women who have agreed to be a part of it and share there stories.  I wrote a blog post not long after I started the project about how hard I had found it to be to photograph women, primarily because women are quick to see the beauty in everyone else around them and slow to see the beauty in themselves.  Working on this project has changed me, both in the way I see other women and in the way I see myself.  Having these women show me a glimpse inside of themselves reminds me that we all have a story and we all share so many amazing brutiful struggles.  Seeing how these women so often fail to see the beauty in themselves reminds me to open my eyes to the beauty in me. 

Mothers are strong. Mothers are beautiful.#thisismotherhood project

3. What SEO means, and that Google can’t do math

There is so much more that comes with owning a photography business than just photography, and I've learned about all of it this year.  I have had to learn about marketing and how google works and Search Engine Optimization.  I've learned about strategies to get my website at the top of a google search and how getting my work featured on other sites is important.  I've also learned that if you get all five star reviews on google plus, that somehow still doesn't add up to a 5 star rating because google can't do math.  

Featured on Beyond the Wanderlust

4. That I love silhouettes and also, how to spell 'silhouettes'.

Looking back at some of my favorite images of 2015, many of them are silhouettes.  Something about them speaks to me.  I also had trouble spelling it even close enough for spell check to guess it correctly for most of the year and I'm happy to report that I've finally figured out how to spell it.  

5. That I still love the Fair. 

Having decided to jump into photography professionally, sometimes it's easy to get burnt out on shooting and to not grab the camera for personal outings.  But sometimes it's those personal shots that really mean the most to me and stretch my creativity.  And also because my own moments are just important to capture as those that I capture for clients.  It's not secret that I love the Williamson County Fair, and this year was the best yet.  This is probably my most favorite image of 2015...because I love the image itself, but most of all because it signifies my happy place. 

Crystal Freemon PhotographyCrystal Freemon Photography

6. That sometimes the best photographs come during the breaks

Super posed photographs are not my thing, and this year I've learned that that's OK. I'll still shoot them, but I've learned to embrace the fact that I love the in between moments the best....the moments when no one is smiling, saying cheese, or even looking at the camera.  

7. That I can be in the photograph too.  

I am always preaching the importance of family photos and that mom needs to be in the picture too.  That goes for me as well.   I've always thought so, but also have control issues (I have my reasons).  This year, thanks to my new nifty tripod and wireless remote, I've learned that I can maintain control and still be in the photo.  #winning

8. That I love photographing couples, even without children

Photographing young children has always been my first love and still is...there is something about toddlers and their pure abandon and fascination with the world around them that inspires me the most.  But this year I learned that I also love to photograph couples...either moms and dads in the in between moments of a family session, or at a dedicated couples session...capturing that connection between two people in love is a gift. 

9. That sometimes, I don't want them to smile

Everyone always tries to tell their children to say "cheese" when I'm around.  I hate cheese.  It's fake and boring and not inspirational at all.  I prefer a good solemn look to "cheese".


10. That I am an artist

I've been an Engineer all my life.  With being an Engineer comes analytical thinking and applying logic to everything.  Many of those skills serve me well in having my own business.  However, with being an Engineer, typically things are either right or wrong.  2 + 2 = 4 and there is no judgement involved.  This year, I've had to admit to the fact that I'm an artist.  That means opening myself up to critique and judgement, which is often hard but necessary to growing.  That means learning to take that critique and discern what is useful and what is not, without compromising my own style and vision.  Being an artist means opening myself up to the beauty around me, getting tearful at classical music and crying while editing photos that speak to me.  It means grabbing the camera to work through my emotions.  It also means that I will probably never think my work is good enough, and that's OK...as long as I think it's better than the work I did yesterday....and as long as it means something to me. 

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